Monday, 30 January 2012

My faraway friend

After a stressful end to 2011 we are now at the end of January  2012 and Christmas seems like a lifetime ago.  Its snowing here today although as it has rained its not staying.  I like the idea of snow but when its actually here it casues so much inconveience I just want it to leave again!
I found something out recently that really put my life in to perspective.  I have a friend who doesn't live near by and infact I haven't seen since they finished school in 1999!  I grew up with this friend and her family and the memories I have are amazing.  Being young, care free and sharing adventures.  Many friendships dwindle as you get older but this is someone that I often thought of.  This friend is having a hard time at the moment and seems to be pretty low emotionally.  I won't deny that I shed a tear when I found out.  Its scary how someone that I thought of as so strong could feel so low.  Whilst growing up this friend was a true fighter and never let people or in fact anything get in the way of what she wanted.  Someone that people looked up to and admired her determination to succeed and prove any doubters wrong.  I have no doubt that this person is still a fighter and immensely determined but its devastating to think that this person can feel so sad.  I've read comments on Facebook that friends have written in support and it makes you realise how lucky I am.  However low I feel and however bad things seem I have the most amazing family and friends around me,  Sometimes it doesn't feel like it but I know that they are always looking out for me.  I hope that my faraway friend realises how much we love and care for her.  Even though we are miles away I hope that she feels close.  Life can be pretty tough sometimes but I think I have got off lightly compared to how this person is feeling right now.  Lets hope things improve for her.  These things take time and often involves lots of steps forwards and backwards before you reach the place you want to be.

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